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4 station Buhrs BB300

One of the most robust and versatile inserters, capable of enclosing into envelopes from C6 up to C4 and 220 square. It is configured with 4 rotary feeders on an 8 station bed. A popular configuration of the BB300 is to have six rotary feeders, complimented by a Sure-Feed SE1200 friction feeder. It cycles at 8,000 per hour and will enclose at up to 7,000 packs per hour.

Buhrs BB300 with Sure-Feed SE1200 PS

This is a one-shot feeder that delivers a single item each time a sensor is triggered. A standard feature of this feeder is double detection to stop the machine in the event of a miss or double. The feeder can be seen here integrated onto a BB300 inserting machine. It is also widely integrated onPoly-lines.

Buhrs BB300 with Sure-Feed SE1200 PC

This is a batching feeder that delivers items in selectable quantities (in this case 3). It ideal for applications where multiple items are required to be enclosed such as raffle tickets, coupons etc.

Buhrs BB600

This BB600 is configured with 5 rotary & 1 shuttle, servo driven feeders. Demonstrating it enclosing two items into a C5 envelope at the rate of 14,000 packs per hour, to the belt.


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