Output Integrity

Mail Integrity Platform (MIP)

Another bespoke innovation by MTS

Designed to provide an audit trail of every mail pack by time and date stamp.

Key features & benefits:

  • Builds on existing investment – incorporates architecture, which gives it the flexibility to work with an inserter from any manufacturer
  • Audit trail - as it reads a code through the window of an envelope, the data is captured, which can be either cross checked against an existing database or creates a database, providing an audit trail and management data of every mail pack
  • Incorporates the latest camera technology, capable of dynamically reading a string of numerical characters, printed in most commonly used fonts as well as 2D Data matrix codes.
  • Incorporates a dedicated monitor, which provides the operator with real time information, alerting to errors as they occur, enabling quick rectification and minimising down time.
  • The same architecture can be expanded to provide the following added functionality:
  • Activate a mail sort kicker to identify mail breaks on the output conveyor


Length – 520mm x Width – 550mm x Height adjustable to suit the host machine

Envelope size – DL, C5 & C4

Reads from either above or below

Read rate – Up to 18k per hour

Management data:

  • The MIP creates a CSV file of all items processed, with a time & date stamp, which can be imported into Excel to create bespoke management information.


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