Taurus IV - camera matching system

Eliminates the risk of human error for critical mailings, matching up to 4 items and provides management data as part of the process

The Taurus camera system has been developed by MTS, specifically for the mailing industry and has been designed to be fitted to enveloping, poly, paper wrapping and collating machines.

Taurus IV builds on the success of the Taurus III camera matching system, retaining the simple touch screen user interface, with the key differences being:

  • It will read most commonly used fonts, without the need for the operator to train the system to read them.
  • Requires minimal setup
  • The dynamic focal length of the cameras provides greater flexibility as to where they can be located.
  • The user interface only displays two screens, the “Setup” and “Run” screens as indicated in the bottom two images.

Purpose – To mechanise the enclosing process where documents are required to be matched.

Process – The camera reads either a unique series of numbers or barcodes, which are printed unobtrusively on documents. The coding can be read either in a static position or on the fly.

Benefit – The system significantly enhance productivity by automating the matching process, whilst maintaining the integrity of mail packs.

System configuration:

Freestanding – providing the flexibility to be moved between machines and systems as required.

Expandable – The system can be expanded to support up to a maximum of four cameras, without the need to incur any additional charges for software upgrades.

Touch screen – this feature is unique to the Taurus system, being intuitive and user friendly, designed to simplify operator set up and requires minimal training.

The standard software includes:

  1. Matching
  2. Sequence checking
  3. Database creation


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